Zerion’s EDI solution offers complete electronic document exchange between Eclipse, and your vendors and customers, saving you time and money.

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Vendor Facing EDI

While some vendors insist on customized mapping rules, we strive where possible to standardize the mapping requirements between you and your vendors. This simplifies the on-boarding process and makes maintenance and support easier for all.

When a standard map is not enough then our developers will make custom mapping changes to meet the requirements of your trading partners.

Mapping changes are included in your Ez-EDI subscription, and do not incur additional hourly or monthly fees.

Customer Facing EDI

Customer facing EDI is always a challenge. To meet the expectations of your customer custom mapping is usually required.

Our developers work directly with your customer to accomodate their needs. This can be as simple as including or suppressing data elements, to making more involved changes that persist data from inbound sales orders for later inclusion on acknowledgments and invoices.

Upgrade Safe

As part of our custom mapping service we do not modify core eclipse maps.

We provide unique maps on a partner by partner basis, unimpacted by point-releases from epicor.

We never modify core eclipse EDI routines as part of the EzEDI management service

If you have specific needs for a modification to core eclipse EDI queues and processes, we can (in most cases) accomodate that. Such changes require seperate quotation and will typically need to be re-integrated following a point release.

Vendor Transaction Sets

850 - Outbound Purchase Order

855 - Inbound Order Acknowledgment

855 - Inbound VMI Order

856 - Inbound Ship Notice

810 - Inbound Invoice

844 - Outbound Rebate Claim

849 - Inbound Rebate Response

845 - Inbound SPA and Pricing

852 - Outbound Product Activity (VMI)

867 - Outbound Sales Activity

875 - Outbound Grocery Order

880 - Inbound Grocery Invoice

210 - Inbound Freight Invoice

Customer Transaction Sets

850 - Inbound Sales Order

855 - Outbound Order Acknowledgment

856 - Outbound Advanced Ship Notice

810 - Outbound Invoice

832 - Scheduled, or on demand price book

875 - Inbound Grocery Order

880 - Outbound Grocery Invoice

Banking Transaction Sets

820 - Outbound Rebate Request

823 - Inbound Lockbox

Misc Transaction Sets

816 - Inbound Location Advice

864 - Inboud Message Advice

If a transaction set is not listed above, chances are we can support it for you. Our middleware framework allows us to process almost any kind of inbound or outbound document. For more information, read the Extending EDI page.