Zerion’s EDI solution offers complete electronic document exchange between Eclipse, and your vendors and customers, saving you time and money.

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Going beyond Traditional EDI

EDI is a powerful addition to your business toolset, both in providing a gateway to your Customers, and enabling B2B capabilities with your vendors.

But sometimes traditional ANSI X12 EDI is not enough...

Zerion's EzEDI Service goes beyond traditional EDI. By leveraging a state of the art middleware framework we are able to extend your B2B capabilities far outside the realms of the traditional EDI native to your ERP.

What's Included - At a glance?

A dedicated AS2 Connection with managed certificate

Hosting of HTTP (HTTPs) Data Channels for your B2B partners

Hosting of sFTP and native FTP Data Channels

PGP Encryprion and Decryption between you and your partners

cXML Mapping for Integration with Ariba, SciQuest, Coupa and others

Access to our EzEDI Dashboard

AS2 Connections and HTTP Hosting

More and more customers are requesting their suppliers leverage connections with third party B2B companies like:

  • Ariba
  • SciQuest
  • Coupa
  • etc.

Zerion has multiple integration points with with each of these, and we are well versed in working with their frameworks and protocols.

As part of your EzEDI subscription you benefit from:

An AS2 connection to integrate seamlessly with any third party

A dedicated team that manages certificates, setup, and testing

Our custom HTTP Integration engine that delivers data directly into Eclipse

EzEDI Cloud and cXML Mapping

The Zerion EzEDI cloud gives us the ability to receive data in any format through a number of protocols. Your EzEDI subscription gives you access to the following:
  • HTTP / HTTPs connections
  • FTP / sFTP connections
  • Flat File to EDI mapping
  • XML (cXML) to EDI mapping

Leveraging our cloud platform we are able to receive data from your B2B partner in a number of formats. We then map that data into the EDI format that Eclipse accepts.

As part of your EzEDI subscription you benefit from:

Unlimited HTTP / FTP / FTPs Channels

Real-time monitoring of all interfaces and custom error alerts

Custom mapping to / from various formats from / to Eclipse EDI

EzEDI Dashboard

The newest edition to our EzEDI service is access to the EzEDI Dashboard (Now in open BETA).

The current dashboard release supports the following capabilities:

  • EDI Ticketing system
  • Visibility to your Trading Partners
  • Visibility to your EDI Branches
  • Visibility to your EDI Network Calls
  • Visibility to EDI Errors and Unacknowledged Documents

We are working to complete the second phase that includes:

  • Full Metrics and reporting visibilty
  • Access to all your EDI transactions
  • Sales Order Document Tracking
  • Purchase Order Document Tracking
  • Rebate Document Tracking
  • Partner Scorecards