Zerion’s EDI solution offers complete electronic document exchange between Eclipse, and your vendors and customers, saving you time and money.

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Real-Time Error Alerts

Once you've singed up for the EzEDI service we will install our custom dashboard integration toolset on your eclipse server. This application can integrate with our dashboard real-time and in batch mode.

When an EDI error occurs the dashboard is notified immediately, alerting our team that an error has occured on your system, and providing us the information needed to address it.

These alerts are not only sent to the admin monitoring board, but are also replicated to Slack, and Microsoft Teams, enabling us to receive real-time alerts to our mobile devices.

In most cases someone will be working the error, before you even know it occured! We will work directly with the trading partner to address EDI errors, and only engage your internal resources if the issue relates to data within eclipse that we need your help with, such as Product cross referencing, creation of missing Ship-To's etc.

Application Monitoring

The EzEDI admin dashboard also enables us to monitor the health of EzEDI programs running:

  • In Eclipse
  • On our own servers
  • In our Middleware Framework

This enables us to have a central view to the overall health of the EzEDI infrastructure and receive alerts to system outages, comms errors, and application failures.

This level of real-time automated monitoring allows our team to focus on you and helping you grow your EDI and B2B needs.

Document Monitoring

With the release of phase 2 of the EzEDI platform we will be tracking your outbound documents, and associated acknowledgments.

The workflow engine behind the dashboard will be able to determine when a document has not been acknowledged by your partner, and will generate automated alerts to your trading partner requesting a status update on the document. You will be able to configure your own timeout period for these alerts, either globally, or at the individual partner level.

Network Call Monitoring

The EzEDI system is also aware of each scheduled network call you have with your trading partners and VANs.

This enables us to provide you with a centralized view into each scheduled call, when they last ran, and when they are scheduled to run again.

Phase 2 of the platform will extend the network monitoring to "learn" your typical traffic flows. This process will then be able to raise warning alerts if EDI documents have not been received, or sent in a timeframe the workflow engine feels unreasonable. This early warning alert system will help us identify network outages, and failures in network calls, and enable us to address those issues for you.

In most cases the first you know today that something is wrong, is when customers are asking if you received their order, or vendors are asking where your daily VMI feeds are!